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Google Core Update
Google confirmed on December 3rd that it had begun rolling out another core update to its algorithm, and yesterday - December 16th, they confirmed the roll out was complete...
Top SEO Tips for Your Online Casino
When marketing your casino, the obvious goal is to get more and more people to visit your website, register their membership and for them to try their luck against the house...
3 Tactics for Creating Shareable Content in the iGaming Sector
The biggest weapon in any content marketing arsenal focussed toward iGaming is creating shareable content tailored around the target market’s interests, rather than relating to a specific service or product...
Language & Location Guide For Your Online Casino
Following on from, how SEO can help online casino operators at a global level. We have put together an extensive language and location guide for your online casino...
Google Shaking Up Organic Results In The Gambling Industry
On the 4th of May Google confirmed that it was rolling out its second broad core update of 2020...
Helpful SEO Tools for the Online Casino & Sports Betting Sector
Casino SEO remains incredibly useful for attracting newcomers to online gaming to your site as well as winning custom from more experienced players.
Why Your Casino isn't Ranking
Competition within the igaming market is intense, however, competing with the big casino and betting brands is possible. The big brands may have larger budgets for gaining brand recognition...
The Truth About Common Myths In iGaming SEO
SEO for the igaming is a constantly changing landscape, and as a result it can be difficult to keep up with what works, what doesn’t and what can lead to problems.
How SEO can help online casino operators at a global level
Sports betting and casino gaming has exploded worldwide, so developing your SEO strategy to target multiple countries and languages can lead to sizeable growth pretty quickly.
iGaming SEO: Mistakes & Tactics To Avoid in 2019
Worth around £5 billion annually, the UK igaming and online gambling sector is highly competitive. Big industry players and small operators alike are using ever more creative methods to stand out and appeal to new players.
Player Acquisition in the Online Casino Sector - Top 3 Considerations
The UK igaming market is bigger than ever. To put this statement into context, the sector totalled £4.7bn in the period from April 2016 to March 2017.
The Cost of Google Adwords  for Online Casino's
The aim of this article is to offer some general guidance on what you can expect from your Google Adwords budget and demonstrate the average CPC (cost-per-click)...
How can your casino brand win with SEO?
We’ll start by saying that the content of this article is relevant to all casino brands including the goliaths of igaming.
Link Building in igaming
We recently published an article based on our analysis from the iGaming sector as it had turned up some unexpected results in terms of the link building strategies for some casinos and affiliates.
Winners, Losers & Link Building in Igaming
We’ve been taking a look at how the search market for online casino has changed over the last 6 months in terms of overall visibility and rankings for the top 10 sites.
Yahoo's Hot Topics Can Cause Big Losses
On Yahoo UK’s main page (uk.yahoo.com), you can find links to the latest news stories, sport and entertainment. Many of these links go to the actual articles but not all of the links in “Today’s Hot Topics” do.
Search Trends in Online Gambling
Sayu’s experience in the online gambling sector goes back 7 years. We’ve been delivering highly successful casino SEO campaigns for a number of domains that have seen significant organic traffic growth as a result of our work.

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