3 Tactics for Creating Shareable Content in the iGaming Sector

3 Tactics for Creating Shareable Content in the iGaming Sector

The biggest weapon in any content marketing arsenal focussed toward iGaming is creating shareable content tailored around the target market’s interests, rather than relating to a specific service or product. This means the content has widespread appeal and attracts the attention of the masses instead of a certain few.

To this end, below we list three ways in which you can undertake content marketing the right way.

Please the crowds with informative & relevant content

The most important thing is to give your audience what it wants, as opposed to what you think it wants. But to know this, you must first know who your audience is. After working out who a typical audience member is via, for example, an examination of Google Analytics, you can then work out what it is he or she is into with an online tool such as BuzzSumo, similarly what online resources and social media channels this individual uses.

Knowing each of these things will help ensure that you know exactly the right content to put out. This content will then be relevant to your audience and be content that they will find informative, which is always the best type of content. In the world of iGaming, this sort of content usually, but not exclusively, takes the form of survey results, data-driven infographics, videos, and images. So content along the lines of something that informs your audience about how they can game better using certain techniques that have been backed up by actual evidence would be ideal.

Task: Create a blog page/network and regularly publish informative, relevant content to it. Optimise all blog articles so search engines clearly understand what your content is about and who it is best presented to.

A picture paints a thousand words when the styling is right

As we previously mentioned, using infographics, videos, and images are an extremely effective way to display iGaming content to your target audience. Not only this but they also inspire action from prospects, are good for search engine optimisation (SEO), and help you build your brand.

As with any content you put out, the content of an infographic must be well thought out, well researched, and meticulously put together to ensure it stands out from all the other generic content that your competitors may be doing. Some things to keep in mind when creating an infographic of your own include deciding on the core message, coming up with creative ways to display the data, choosing the relevant data, making it interactive, and adding sources to validate the data being used. Once created, make sure you share the infographic with your audience on the relevant social channels and on multiple occasions over the course of time. Evergreen content can be cleverly recycled or updated with the latest statistics, data and game information. Once you have newsworthy content on your website, you can then outreach your data and earn backlinks from trusted domains.

Task: Create an infographic, introduce images, animations or videos to showcase your story, data and results.

Give a reason to return & register

A call to action (CTA) is one of, if not the most, neglected components of content marketing. Yet, these are an absolutely essential aspect in terms of creating brand value. A simple CTA encourages your audience to take the next step towards making a purchase/becoming a user of your service.

So what makes a good CTA? Some things to consider when creating an effective and engaging CTA include choosing a specific goal (such as register), thinking about the context, making it short and actionable, and placing it strategically within the content in question. Similarly, you could include a share button that encourages your audience to spread the content via email or social media.

If your iGaming or Casino website offers bonus offers, free spins or first deposit offers, make sure you display this throughout your content. If your content is found online, from another website or social media, clearly displaying your USPs and welcome offers will encourage new users to register and increase your conversion rate.

Task: Clearly provide users with a reason to return to your website or more importantly register then and there, i.e. unique selling points such as free spins, first deposit offers. Include a call to action buttons such as register...


Following these three main points will provide you with everything you need to create shareable content in the iGaming sector. Now it is up to you to put the time and effort into doing the research, creating the content, and getting it out to your audience.

If you want to compete in the iGaming sector but don’t have time or resources to share newsworthy content, we can help.

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