Rhino Rails Successful Return to Sayu

Rhino Rails Successful Return to Sayu

Around 4 years ago we managed Rhino Rails for about 15 months. Their two main product lines are towel radiators and grab rails mainly for use in bathrooms. After a two year period having managed the account themselves, they came back to us in November last year, after an increase in cost without seeing an increase in orders.

Improved ROI in Search

Improving the Quality Score by restructuring campaigns, setting up new adgroups with ads more relevant to the keywords, we managed to improve the CTR whilst bringing down the average CPC. Together with bid management, taking into account the varying conversion rates for different adgroups/keywords, we managed to increase traffic at a similar cost, and as a result the revenue increased as well. The Cost/Revenue ratio dropped from 27% in the first quarter of 2015, to around 20% during the remainder of the year.

Through continuous improvement of the account and bid management we were able to bring the CPC further down in 2016, whilst traffic and revenue increased at a similar spend/revenue ratio. Further growth was achieved in the years to follow, pushing more on shopping which still had the better performance.

Costs (£)
Revenue (£)
Further improving Search

Although we managed to improve the efficiency of the Search campaign, more work was required to improve it further. Exploring new keywords to get traffic up, pausing ones that do not work. Analysing data by demographic and adding in-market audiences to determine which areas perform well and hence can be pushed. In the last 3 months the spend in Search has come down by another 24%, whilst revenue increased by 42%.

Here’s What People Say About Us

We cant thank Sayu enough for all of the great support over the years and now even more the transformation of our Google Adwords account. Catherine has managed to drastically improve our conversions and reduce the cost at the same time! Many thanks again to the great team at SAYU!
Knowledgeable, professional & reliable. We are in safe hands!
Grant Wallett
Customer for over 8 years
We have been working with Sayu for over 8 years and have enjoyed a consistent, professional service on all one off projects and repeat services from SEO, PPC and shopping feeds to hosting.
J Duggleby