Complete Golfer

A Tenfold Increase in Revenue for Complete Golfer

Complete Golfer sells a wide range of golf equipment such as clubs, bags, trolleys, golf GPS watches and also some golf clothing and other accessories. The client came to us in 2015, wanting to improve the efficiency of their Google Ads campaigns, bringing down the spend/revenue, but while still growing their business.

Cost (£)
Growth and Improved ROI

To achieve the growth, we set up new campaigns to cover all brands and products sold on the website, as well as Shopping campaigns, which resulted in a doubling of traffic and revenue in 2016.

But with a high spend/revenue ratio when they first came to us, we needed to bring that down to make the account more profitable.

With our advanced bid optimization tools we managed to keep the spend down whilst traffic increased, and the spend/revenue more than halved from 27% in 2015 to 13% in 2016.

Tenfold of Revenue in Five Years

Whilst maintaining the spend/revenue at a similar level over the next few years, the account has seen a further growth, with revenue doubling once more by 2019. This growth has been achieved by continuing to develop the campaigns, setting up adgroups for new products added to the site, and improving the Shopping campaigns, focussing on brand and product searches which saw a higher Conversion Rate.

Bid management also continued to play an important part, adjusting bids depending on changes in the market. 2020 was an exceptional year with sales down in the first four months during the first lockdown period, but then accelerating once the first lockdown was over. With not just traffic but also Conversion Rates improving, we were able to push bids higher to get more exposure on Shopping and increase traffic further.

Client Feedback

Client input and feedback is always important, and so weekly calls take place to discuss which products the client would like to push, whether there are any new products for which we need to set up adgroups or any new offers, and to determine whether any adgroups need pausing in the case of products having gone out of stock or where performance is poor.

With continuous change of products sold on the website, weekly calls like this play an important part in keeping the Google Ads account up to date.

Here’s What People Say About Us

We cant thank Sayu enough for all of the great support over the years and now even more the transformation of our Google Adwords account. Catherine has managed to drastically improve our conversions and reduce the cost at the same time! Many thanks again to the great team at SAYU!
Knowledgeable, professional & reliable. We are in safe hands!
Grant Wallett
Customer for over 8 years
We have been working with Sayu for over 8 years and have enjoyed a consistent, professional service on all one off projects and repeat services from SEO, PPC and shopping feeds to hosting.
J Duggleby