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PPC Beginners Guide

Pay Per Click Advertising

With the advent of the Internet many businesses have gone online and established their own websites. With thousands of websites offering every conceivable type of product and service, how can users ever find what they want? How does an online business get a prospective customer to their website? Where would they advertise?

One answer is Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC). Pay-per-click advertising has enjoyed massive growth over the past few years and that is because it is a great way to get visitors to your website at an affordable cost. Now any size company can reach thousands of potential customers at a controllable cost.

Pay Per Click Ads on Google

Google operates a Pay Per Click advertising system (Google Adwords) where you advertise a product or service on Google's network. Alternatively called 'Keyword Advertising' you choose a set of keywords that you believe that your target audience is using when searching on sites like Google. Your ad is shown as a "sponsored link" on a search results page for the keyword phrase that was searched for. When your ad is clicked you pay Google.

The amount you pay is defined by how much you bid on the keywords. So you have to be careful that the amount you are paying per click does not cost so much that you do not make a profit on the product or service you are selling. A high bid will get a large amount of impressions (page views) and probably a high click through rate (CTR) to your site. Once at your site your visitor may or may not make a purchase. You have to achieve a certain number of conversions from visitors to orders to ensure you make a profit. Measurement of results is essential to ensure that you are making a profit from the clicks you are buying.

That's all there is to it! But with many bidders and many keywords the process can get very complicated and time consuming to manage effectively. Many advertisers employ specialists like us to take that risk away from them. To see how you can profit from our services find out how we manage adwords campaigns.