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The Cost of Google Adwords  for Online Casino's
The aim of this article is to offer some general guidance on what you can expect from your Google Adwords budget and demonstrate the average CPC (cost-per-click)...
Estimated Click Through Rates in Natural SERPS
High rankings in organic listings are great to get traffic to your website. The higher you rank, the more traffic you can expect, but how much more traffic can you get in one of the top positions?
Yahoo's Hot Topics Can Cause Big Losses
On Yahoo UK’s main page (uk.yahoo.com), you can find links to the latest news stories, sport and entertainment. Many of these links go to the actual articles but not all of the links in “Today’s Hot Topics” do.
Google Shopping Rankings Strongly Correlated with Google Organic Rankings
When searching on Google Shopping and results are shown by relevance (which is the default), what does relevance actually mean? If you think the fields in the Google Merchant feed determine how relevant the product is to the search, you could be wrong!
Search Trends in Online Gambling
Sayu’s experience in the online gambling sector goes back 7 years. We’ve been delivering highly successful casino SEO campaigns for a number of domains that have seen significant organic traffic growth as a result of our work.
Optimising Landing Pages for Pay Per Click
An explanation of how optimising landing pages for pay per click can increase the profit of a campaign and the return on investment (ROI) of every click.
Google Adwords: Using the Long Tail to Optimize your Google Adwords ROI (Part 2)
Part Two 4. Building the Long Tail: Localization 5. Building the Long Tail: Spelling Mistakes 6. Building the Long Tail: Call to Action Keywords and Adjectives 7. Testing Pay Per Click (PPC) Creatives 8. Implementing & Managing the Long Tail
Google Adwords: Using the Long Tail to Optimize your Google Adwords ROI (Part 1)
Part One 1. What is the Long Tail? 2. Google Adwords and The Long Tail: Click Through Rate and Ranking 3. Building the Long Tail: Category and Product Keywords
Optimal Bidding for Pay Per Click Advertising (Part 2)
In the white paper Optimal Bidding for Pay Per Click Advertising I have discussed how we determine the optimal bid for a keyword given the conversion rate and the value of a conversion to the company (which could be a fixed value, or a percentage of the order value).
Optimal Bidding for Pay Per Click Advertising (Part 1)
Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising refers to advertising products or websites on the World Wide Web with search engines like Google, or price comparison sites like Kelkoo.
Understanding the Google Quality Score
How Much You Pay Per Click with Google Adwords. How does Google calculate the actual cost you pay per click? An explanation of what a Google quality score is, and why you need a big one.
PPC Beginners Guide
With the advent of the Internet many businesses have gone online and established their own websites. With thousands of websites offering every conceivable type of product and service, how can users ever find what they want?

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