Northern Tank Store

SEO helps new NTS website get off to a great start

Northern Tank Store is a UK supplier of fuel and water storage solutions, including heating oil tanks, settlement tanks and hazardous storage products. The company supplies both domestic and commercial markets with high quality storage tanks and accessories.

The Northern Tank Store website was newly developed by Sayu to help the brand use online as an additional channel to generate business, complementing the parent company’s existing online presence.

A Strategy That Brought +877% Increase In Organic Sessions

Sayu developed a tailored SEO strategy to help Northern Tank Store hit the ground running following launch, and to begin growing traffic and visitors to the site. This included ensuring that the site was well optimised from a technical perspective, and that its structure enabled efficient crawling and indexing. The strategy also included carrying out detailed analysis of the market in which Northern Tank Store operates, and using this data to develop and implement a schedule of unique and relevant content focusing on priority keyword groups and topics, to help the site begin developing expertise, authority and trust in the sector.

Organic Sessions

The Challenge

Launching on a new domain, Northern Tank Store had no existing visibility within online search prior to Sayu commencing SEO services. As the brand competes against a number of well established sites in the sector, this meant that Northern Tank Store was looking to make up ground, and to be competitive from an SEO perspective, from the get go.

While SEO is typically a long term solution, this project required a strategy to help the site get up and running within organic search in the best way possible, and to build a strong foundation for further growth.

The aim of the initial phase of the project was to ensure that the site was indexed on search engines and could begin to attract visitors from organic search as quickly as possible, and to begin converting visitors into sales in order to deliver a positive ROI.

Ensure the site was indexed on search engines
Achieve visibility for target keyword groups
Begin attracting visitors to the new website
Encourage engagement and conversion of traffic
Organic Search Impressions

The Results:

The SEO project for Northern Tank Store helped the site get off to a great start. After an initial three month period it delivered a significant uplift in organic search visibility, leading to growth in the number of visitors landing on the site from organic search results. As a result, there has been a noticeable increase in sales for the client both directly through the website as well as via the telephone from customers who have found the website via search. The following results highlight the uplift in performance comparing the third month to the first month of the campaign.

organic sales

Organic Search Impressions:
Organic Click Through Rate:
Organic Sessions:
Organic New Users:
Unique Organic Visitors
Organic Online Sales:
Next Steps:

With a solid foundation well underway, the SEO project for Northern Tank Store is set to continue. This is expected to continue to improve the site’s presence in search results, expand visibility into additional keyword groups and product categories, and ultimately generate further significant increases in the numbers of daily visitors and sales.

As the project continues, Sayu’s tailored strategy has adapted to meet requirements. This includes implementing a number of activities to grow visibility for priority brands sold by Northern Tank Store, as well as to extend the amount of content, resources and information available on the website which are highly valued by both customers and search engines.

The client was pleased with the progress made in the initial stage of the project and the performance achieved, and has already commissioned Sayu to develop another website for their parent company.

Here’s What People Say About Us

We cant thank Sayu enough for all of the great support over the years and now even more the transformation of our Google Adwords account. Catherine has managed to drastically improve our conversions and reduce the cost at the same time! Many thanks again to the great team at SAYU!
Knowledgeable, professional & reliable. We are in safe hands!
Grant Wallett
Customer for over 8 years
We have been working with Sayu for over 8 years and have enjoyed a consistent, professional service on all one off projects and repeat services from SEO, PPC and shopping feeds to hosting.
J Duggleby