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Ecommerce solution. Section 4 - Optional Extras

Section 1 - The SAYU Storefront
Section 2 - Interactive Customer Experience
Section 3 - Administration Interface
Section 4 - Optional Extras
Appendix A - Full Features List


SAYU web services produce E-Commerce solutions for a wide spectrum of businesses, and as such, recognise that each have individual needs (features may be essential to some, and required for others). SAYU has therefore developed many additional modules which are available for additional fees. Please refer to charging schedule for further information on each. If you find you require any other feature which is not currently listed, please contact us to discuss the possibility of custom programming.

4.1 SSL Certificates
SAYU provides a free SSL certificate at, on which your checkout page will be placed, and through this, accept encrypted credit card data.
If you wish for your customers to remain on your own domain throughout the buying process, for many professional reasons, SAYU may set up one for your company at

4.2 Postcode Lookup
To make the checkout process more efficient, the SAYU platform also includes an integrated UK postcode look-up feature. This feature enables the customer to enter their postcode, and all fields are automatically generated with the exception of the house number/name.
It is also possible to copy all delivery details from the personal details if the two addresses are the same.

Figure 4.2.1: The Postcode look-up

4.3 SMS Text Message Service
The SAYU platform also comes complete with full SMS functionality.
With this, it is possible to keep your customers up to date with their order progress, or even send them promotional/code messages by means of SMS.

4.4 E-Bay Module
E-Bay, the world's largest auction site, is increasingly popular place to buy and sell goods. SAYU's E-Bay module enables you to select any products you wish to advertise on E-Bay store or auction, and automatically list them accordingly.

When an item is purchased through E-Bay, an 'End of Auction' email is generated and sent to the customer. Your E-Bay customers can be either redirected to your website, or PayPal to make payment.

Included in the EBay module is the full set up of an EBay store.

4.5 Payment Processing and Anti-Fraud
The SAYU payment processing system will automatically run any new orders through sophisticated fraud detection logic. This logic checks several factors including, amongst others:

  • Custom fraud blacklist
  • Order anomalies
  • Order Values out of range (for example, exceptionally high price orders)
  • Previous order history
  • Address data
  • Telephone number data
  • Suspicious postage types
  • Frequently used IP addresses
  • Free email address services
  • Card BIN details

The system will accept any orders that are very unlikely to be fraud, and reject any suspicious orders for manual review. You will be provided with web interface which will enable you to review the details of any suspicious order; reasons why the order has failed, and key points to follow up to ensure if the order is fraudulent or not. After viewing the details, you then have the ability to accept any order if you believe them to be genuine.

Once an order has been accepted (ether automatically or manually), the order will go through the payment stage, and the customer will be automatically charged.
If for any reason the payment details fail, it is then possible to use the web interface to change the credit card details and retry the fraud checks.
Please note, the SAYU Fraud checks are not guaranteed to fully prevent fraud, they are aimed to reduce as many fraudulent orders as possible but liability remains with you the merchant.

To use the SAYU payment processing module you must have a Merchant Account ID. Payments are processed by the SAYU system and sent to your Merchant Provider for settlement as per agreed terms with your acquiring bank.

4.6 Advanced Fraud Checking Service
SAYU also offers an advanced fraud checking service which works alongside the Payment processing and Fraud Module, a team of qualified advisors will manually research and follow up and highlighted orders from the payment and fraud module.
This can save a lot of time for your business, as you will never need to chase customers regarding fraudulent orders.
Once again, although our team are skilled at detecting all types of fraudulent transactions, this is not guaranteed to stop fraudulent orders, but is aimed to reduce them, and liability remains with you, the merchant.

4.7 Stock Module
Once any order has been placed, and fraud checks are passed, the SAYU Stock module automatically checks the stock level of all items within each order.

If any item in question is Out of Stock, the order is put on hold, an email and/or SMS (see section 4.1) is sent to the customer explaining the hold of the order.
The stock level is then automatically checked on an hourly basis, until the stock level has been replenished and the order can move onto the next stage, dispatch.

Stock levels can then be automatically adjusted upon order dispatch if used alongside the dispatch module (see section 4.8)

The stock module also comes complete with a returns management system and applications to assist with stock takes.

4.8 Dispatch Module
The SAYU dispatch module automatically prints out an invoice and picking note for each order that has been allocated stock, and payment has been received.
The invoice and packing slip can be fully customised to suit your business including custom logo and business terms and conditions of sale.
If you use more than one courier, before the packing and invoice slip is produced, the dispatch module can programmatically define which carrier is most cost efficient for each order (Postage Least Cost Routing System). This feature has been known to save companies thousands per year.
The Dispatch module also contains an interface, which allows orders to be marked as dispatched. Once set as dispatched, this interface will automatically send an email and/or SMS to the customer instructing them of their parcel tracking information.
Another feature of this interface is the automatic docking information to couriers Royal Mail E*PRO, ANC and City Link.
The SAYU dispatch interface is optimised for efficiency and allows all information to be input using bar codes (printed on packing slips) and electronic scales.

4.9 Call Handling Service
SAYU is also proud to be able to offer a call handling service via its state of the art call centre. This service enables you customers to contact our experienced customer service team in order to purchase any items available.
The Call Handling service also includes payment processing call handling; if an order fails at some point (i.e. f the cardholders name is incorrect, expiry date incorrect) the SAYU team will contact your customer to rectify the issue in order for order to progress to the next stage.
Used alongside the Fraud Module, when an order is edited, it will re-run though the fraud checking logic once again.

If the call handling service is used alongside the order fulfilment module, SAYU's team will also deal with stock availability/dispatch queries.

4.10 Order Fulfilment
You may already, or sometime in the near future, find that your online eCommerce business has grown rapidly to a point where you are no longer able to handle the packing and dispatch within your own premises. SAYU provides an order fulfilment warehouse service whereby we will hold your stock, and SAYU's highly efficient dispatch team will process and dispatch all orders. (This runs alongside the Dispatch Module)
The time your business currently spends on processing any orders, can then be invested into other areas of the business such as research and development of product line, marketing and expansion of specialist area.

4.11 Custom Reports
As standard, the SAYU platform contains basic Product, Order and Helpdesk reports.
If you require additional or more advanced reports than standard, SAYU's award wining technical team may program additional reports to meet your specifications.

4.12 Per-Per-Click Management services
If you are already a Pay-Per-Click advertiser, reaching high positions, knowing how much to bid per keyword, and gaining high ROI (Return on Investment) are all hurdles you may encounter in the ever growing world of pay per click marketing.
SAYU's expert pay-per-click team consisting of individuals educated to PhD, Masters and Degree level, backed up with sophisticated award winning technical tools, will optimise and monitor your Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing (Overture) accounts on a daily basis.
The SAYU team aim to increase targeted clicks, reduce costs by daily monitoring of your individual keywords CPC's, and maximise your ROI.

If you are new to internet advertising, Pay-Per-Click is a fast efficient means to start directing traffic to your website (You can start receiving traffic to your website in a matter of hours). SAYU's per-per-click team will create an optimised account for your business and monitor and manage its daily progress on a daily basis.

4.13 Advanced Shopping Module
Advertising on shopping comparison sites can be an excellent source of extra traffic to your website with high conversion rates.
Other than Froogle™ (Included with base platform), SAYU may automatically produce feed files for the following channels:

  • Ciao
  • Kelkoo
  • (Previously known as Dealtime)
  • Nextag
  • Pangora
  • Pricegrabber
  • Pricerunner