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Ecommerce solution. Section 2 - Interactive Customer Experience

Section 1 - The SAYU Storefront
Section 2 - Interactive Customer Experience
Section 3 - Administration Interface
Section 4 - Optional Extras
Appendix A - Full Features List


In order to develop a fast, trustworthy relationship between your business (you) and your customer, for reasons mentioned earlier in this document, the SAYU platform also contains several additional essential features aimed to improve your customers experience whilst visiting your website.

2.1 Moderated Forum
Forums can become a widely used feature of a website, this is more so the case if you sell products such as electronic equipment or software, users can in effect help each other with their queries, or generally just post advice.
SAYU's forum can be defined into several categories and sub categories, each require a category name and optionally can be assigned an image/icon. Each category can then hold an unlimited number of threads (questions/topics).

Figure 2.1.1: Forum (top) and single topic (bottom)

Figure 2.1.1: Forum (top) and single topic (bottom)

Figure 2.1.1: Forum (top) and single topic (bottom)

As the forum grows, it becomes increasingly important to put into place types of management. SAYU enables you to create/edit user accounts so that they may moderate the forum by adding/editing threads and replies to ensure the content is suitable for your audience and is not abusive or offensive to others.
SAYU's banned content functionality is an integral key to helping keep the forum within a family safe environment

2.2 Help Desk
The SAYU platform provides you with a form of customer support service, by means of an email support system.
Customers can fill-in an online form with a question/query and their details, this is then stored within the help desk for a member of the admin team to assess.
The support system emails can be set up into several categories, as default these are 'answered', 'awaiting response', 'investigating', 'proposed solution', 'closed', 'new' and 'request more information'.
As with products, it is possible to search/filter queries by several types of criteria: ticket number, summary, name or email, keyword or status of email. They may also be filtered by category as mentioned above.

Similar to the forum, certain user groups can be given admin access to this module to answer the questions/queries.

2.3 Classified Ads/Bulletin Board
In order to build up your website community you may wish to offer the ability for your users to buy and sell to/from each other, or to advertise events/services.
The SAYU classified Ads functionality allows all users to view adverts, but only registered users may add their own advert. Each Advert may be approved by an administrator before it is live on your website, once again reducing the risk of inappropriate material being posted on your website.

Each advert may contain a description, image and details such as type, price, seller, quantity, availability and location. When viewing an advert, fields are available to directly make an offer or ask the seller a question. The information in these fields is then emailed to the seller to respond.

2.4 Tell a friend
When viewing a product or article on the SAYU platform, it is possible for your customers to 'Tell a friend'. The fields, which are required for the customer to fill in, can be fully customizable to suit your business requirements. For example, fields can be provided for the customer to enter his/her own name, and the name and email address of the recipient, and a personal message (which can be pre-populated with suggested text).
The email sent to the 'friend' contains any personalised message which the sender specified, a brief summary of the product/article and a direct link to the product/article.

2.5 Opinion Polls
Polls are used to discover the opinions of your customers, and can help improve your website and/or product line.
Opinion polls consist of a main short question, and a list of short answers (options) in from of radio buttons, the customer is usually asked to tick one of the options.
Once the user selects their choice, they are thanked for participation and are shown the current results.

2.6 User registration
In SAYU, your customer is given the option to sign in or register at any point when viewing your website by means of either a client 'log-in' block on every page, or a top menu link to a 'log-in' page.

From the client log-in page, SAYU also enables your customers to obtain their passwords if they so require. In the event that the customer requests this, an email is sent to the users registered email address containing the password. This however does not include the username for security purposes.

It is also possible to define if you require all customers to create an account before processing to the checkout stage, or not.

Becoming a registered user is an easy process, and once registered your users can take advantage of logging into your website to view their user home. The user home page contains five areas as default:

Figure 2.6.1: The user home page

Figure 2.6.1: The user home page

  • My Order History
    The order history displays a list of all orders made by the user. For each order the user can see the order number, the time and date the order was placed, the status of the order, the order total cost and finally, a link for the user to view a full details page of the order. This allows your customers to keep track of their order status from the processing through to dispatch stage. Order status will be explained later in this document.

  • My Support Requests (If applicable)
    This useful feature enables your customers to view any support requests they have sent into your team and any replies from the support team. From this link it is also possible to add a new support request.

  • Change your details
    This feature allows your customers to change any of their personal details and/or password at any time.

  • My Forum Topics
    Similar to the 'my support request' feature, this allows your customers to view any posts they have made on the forum and any replies to these posts.

  • My Ads
    This lets your customers to view their current ads and create new ones.