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Content Marketing

The aim of the content marketing campaign is to develop a varied range of content designed to encourage user engagement each month. Content would be published each month on your via a blog or news section; then promoted across the web to different online sources within your target demographic.

The content we produce is designed to be a 'linkable asset'. A linkable asset is deemed as content that users will want to link to and share. These assets would be identified for each new month in advance as part of an on-going strategy.

The content marketing campaign would include:

  • Creating a content strategy plan in conjunction with your team; usually detailing a 6 month schedule of activity
  • Identifying content subjects that relate to your sector
  • Production of content; this could include quality articles, product reviews, offers/ promotions, competitions, surveys, infographics, videos
  • Identifying and distributing content each month to online community sources that would include bloggers, online publications and social influencers
  • In addition we would provide content relevant to your audience to help grown your social media channels and increase your online visibility
  • Monitoring and tracking content distribution, user engagement and backlinks gained

A typical month of activity would include:

  • Production of a linkable assets
  • Sharing and promotion of content to your online community
  • Promotion of content on social media networks e.g. Facebook and Twitter
  • Addition of relevant and targeted content to Facebook and Twitter each week
  • Production of a monthly activity report

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