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Sales/Order Management

The sales orders taken via the website can be viewed/managed by going to the Sales -- Orders section.


Orders can be searched in 2 ways.

1) By using the Search feature available:

Orders can be searched by order number, name, email, keyword, etc.
A JavaScript calendar feature is also available which helps you to search orders by date. This can be accessed by clicking on the small calendar icon next to the “From Date” and “To Date” fields

2) By using the Order Stats grid:

The Order Stats Grid shows orders over a predefined time period (daily, weekly and monthly up to the previous month) and lists them based on their order statuses.

Order Status – This represents the current status of an order. A status is initially assigned to an order by the payment system. The most common statuses for an order are PAID/PAID BY PAYPAL, PENDING, FAILED, NEW ORDER IN PROGRESS.

PAID/PAID BY PAYPAL – This status is set when the payment is successfully authorized by the payment system.

FAILED – This status is set when a transaction fails due to invalid card details or any other reason.

PENDING – This status is used on pending orders, usually when additional checks are required to authorise the transaction. 

NEW ORDER IN PROGRESS – This can also be referred to as Abandoned Baskets. If an order is set to this status, then it means that the user hasn’t successfully completed the checkout process.

Apart from these, there are other statuses available which can be used to determine the order status at various steps. For example, if the order is dispatched, it can be set to the “GOODS SHIPPED” status. If a customer cancels an order, then the status “CANCELLED” can be used.

The SayuConnect platform allows the Admin to use a set of already created statuses or the Admin can create their own order status by going to the Sales -- Orders Statuses section.



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