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PPC Strategy

Sayu's advanced tracking systems can be implemented to allow keyword-level measurement of a campaign return on investment. This allows our intelligent bid management system to calculate the maximum that you can bid per keyword based on the amount of click through traffic that each click is generating.

Brand Bidding
Your brand terms are extremely important, and can generate high levels of cheap traffic. Being top for both natural and paid search is important so that you can monopolise the search results and reduce the amount of traffic going to your competitors or other sites.

Keyword Expansion
Many of our competitors will employ only a limited number of keywords that can lead to you missing out on key opportunities and mean you spend more on keywords than you should. Sayu can implement a keyword list of many thousands (potentially up to 50,000 keywords) to ensure that:

  • A site appears for all terms relevant to their products and services
  • Expensive broad match keywords are used as little as possible

This keyword expansion exercise can deliver increased levels of traffic to your site and ensure that you pay the least cost for that traffic.

We're also able to employ the following techniques to increase the performance of your campaigns:

  • The Search Funnel
  • Ad Testing
  • Landing Page Testing

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Our specialist PPC team can provide you with free, independent and honest advice on how you can improve the performance of your campaigns. To qualify for this service you must spend at least £500 per month on Google Adwords.

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