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PPC Management

Sayu has developed advanced proprietary technology to intelligently manage paid search campaigns. This award-winning technology takes a two pronged approach; optimising the quality of your advertising to gain maximum exposure and maximising the profitability of your spend.

The Sayu PPC management system measures everything that happens to paid search traffic on your site, including:

Our system knows how much is spent on each and every keyword, and how much revenue has been generated from that keyword. It automatically adjusts the amount that you are bidding on each keyword to ensure that you are getting the greatest volume of orders within your ROI requirements.

Our system knows which adverts generate the highest number of conversions. We use this data to continuously refine your adverts where necessary.

Landing Pages
By understanding which pages produced the greatest conversion rates, our system can help us choose the best place to land your PPC traffic.

The system is constantly monitored and optimised by our dedicated team of in-house statisticians, ensuring that your campaigns are always performing better than your competition and that they respond quickly to changes in search engine calculations.

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