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Performance Monitoring

At the start of a campaign we're able to work with our clients to establish a number of benchmarks to measure success.

Keyword Position
This is the easiest measurement to report as we are able to track positions daily for campaign keywords and hundreds of long-tail variations.

We are able to provide traffic reports showing the position for your site in the search results, together with click data received from Google Analytics.

Long-tail Keywords
Our expectation is that you will see a significant improvement in the number of keywords that drive traffic each month. Our SEO work will improve the overall strength of the site and lead to increased visibility for a large number of long-tail keywords.

Enquiries and Sales
We understand that it might not be possible to share this level of information, but it would certainly be possible for you to track overall improvements in the total number of enquiries achieved each month that can be attributed to an improvement in Google organic results.

SEO campaigns are managed and delivered by our dedicated team of experienced account managers who will provide regular monthly reports and updates on progress and performance.

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We're able to analyse your website and sector to provide a free review and discuss how we can help you to increase the visibility of your business.

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