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Multichannel Online Sales

Online shopping channels such as Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping represent significant opportunities for website owners to market their products to the millions of web users who visit and buy from these trusted sites every day.

Sayu can enable you to sell across multiple channels, managing orders and keeping product listings and stock levels up-to-date using data feeds direct from your website. Using our centralised admin system maintaining product information and processing orders is easy as everything is controlled from a single location.

Automated Price & Stock Level Updates

An inventory module controls stock levels and updates records every 15 minutes to ensure that stock availability is always current.

Full API Integration

Wherever possible we integrate directly with channels via API so that the process of listing products, managing orders and data exchange is as efficient as possible.

Centralised Admin System

The centralised admin system provides complete control of product information and listings. Our order management module allows you to efficiently process and manage orders or export order information.

Automated Daily Product Listings

Our products import module can be set to run daily or on-demand giving you more control to list products as needed.

Advanced Settings

The system offers different levels of control based on the requirement from various multichannel settings. Your product feed can be customised per channel via the settings control.

Regular Updates

Your multichannel product feeds can be synced with your product catalogue on your website to ensure that it's always kept up-to-date.

Web portfolio

Our graphics team will work with you to produce eye-catching designs; providing a distinct look that sets you apart from your competitors.

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