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Link Building

Inbound links, or backlinks, are an important part of optimisation as they help search engines to determine the strength and importance of a site and where it should rank in the search results.

An effective link building strategy will have a significant impact on the success of a site in natural search. A site with few inbound links and solely relying on great content is unlikely to rank very highly in the results; but it's also not just about the total number of links.

When search engines examine a site's link profile they evaluate it as a whole assessing the strength, type and theme of the links pointing to a site. A link profile should be made up of links from a variety of sources with varying strengths in order to remain natural and consistent.

Our approach to link building involves earning links through content marketing. We develop unique and varied content that web users will want to share and link to; we refer to this content as a linkable asset.

We develop and publish linkable assets on your site and promote that content within the online community. We also share content using social media and work with you to increase your visibility on social channels by increasing the numbers of likes, followers and friends.

Subject to our analysis and an on-going budget we're able to undertake a link building campaign designed to increase the link count to a website.

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