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Keyword Research

We undertake keyword research to identify and monitor relevant keyword search terms within a campaign.

Using Sayu Insights, an in-house analysis tool, we're able to evaluate an entire sector and provide information on which sites are achieving the highest levels of visibility online. This information is useful in our campaigns as it allows us to identify which terms competitors believe to be valuable and ensures that we're able to gather an extensive pool of potential keywords to target.

Through on-going research it's possible to identify additional opportunities that exist for relevant keyword groups based upon the strength of your site and competing sites in your sector. When a site gets stronger as a result of SEO work it's possible for campaigns to grow in terms the competitiveness and the number of core keywords being targeted.

Our optimisation campaigns can either target specific core keywords or we can systematically work across the entire site. Even with our targeted campaigns we focus on groups of keywords with optimisation techniques to ensure a consistent link profile that will deliver long-tail keyword improvements and traffic.

In most instances our clients experience an increase in the positions of hundreds, often thousands, of relevant search terms.


We're able to analyse your website and sector to provide a free review and discuss how we can help you to increase the visibility of your business.

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