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Insights Report

Sayu Insights is a reporting tool that can provide valuable and powerful data about the performance of a website in the natural search results. It allows us to take a snapshot of the positions of thousands of websites within any one sector for thousands of sector-specific search terms.

Once data has been collected we're able to rank a websites based on a weighted average, which is calculated by keyword position and the number of searches for each individual search term.

Understanding the competition is a fundamental part of search engine optimisation and this type of analysis allows us to:

  • Set benchmarks for a campaign; as we're able to establish a starting position before we undertake work
  • Assesses the competition and identify the sites that perform well
  • Identify the 'gaps' in performance between a target site and key competitors
  • Evaluate the size of the sector we are targeting
  • Compare core SEO criteria that can influence rankings

We've been collecting and collating data for a number of years on the performance of websites across a wide range of sectors and we allow website owners to access our reporting tools.

Follow this link to view our Insights Report.

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