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Google Penalty

Treating a Google Penalty: Do you have a manual action?

A Google penalty can be applied if Google believes that a website is not adhering to its Webmaster guidelines; it can come in two forms a 'Manual Action' or a 'Partial Match'. If Google has imposed a penalty this will be indicated in your Webmaster Tools account in the 'Manual Actions' link within the Search Traffic category.

A 'Manual Action' indicates that a domain is being manually suppressed by Google in the search results. With a 'Partial Match' the situation is similar; however this level of suppression is targeted and limited to specific pages or search terms.

Similar to treating the affects of a Penguin update, this process involves a 'link analysis and cleanse' and we're experts in resolving such issues. A penalty is typically resolved within a 3 month period and requires Google to undertake a manual review of your site; known as a reconsideration.

The three month service is available from £2,500 + VAT (£2,500 + VAT would be the price for all but exceptional cases). The work includes:

  • Identifying backlinks pointing to your site using a variety of link resource tools, our own proprietary software and Google Webmaster Tools
  • A manual link analysis link to identify unnatural links that are currently passing negative weight to the site
  • Manually contact site owners to request link removal from sites deemed to be suspicious or toxic
  • Preparing a disavow file for links that cannot be removed through manual methods
  • Implement a disavow file to disassociate links that cannot be removed
  • File a reconsideration request with Google via Webmaster Tools detailing the actions taken to resolve the penalty
  • Continue to monitor and evaluate link profile to ensure any new links are in a healthy state
  • Update disavow file as required

If your website has been affected by a Google Penalty then please call us on 0800 634 8283 to discuss how best your site can overcome this issue.


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