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Footer Links

You can add footer links by going to CMS Footer Links in the top menu.

To add a Footer Link, click on the “Add New” button at the bottom of the Footer Links table.

The fields available under this section are explained below:

You have 2 tick-box options which control the visibility of the footer link for logged-in or not-logged-in users.

General Information

Order – You can enter a number here to specify the order of the footer link, allowing you to control the order that the links are displayed on the website.

Title – This is title of the footer link as it will appear on the website (Example: Terms, Shipping, etc.).

Menu URL – You will need to specify the target URL of the footer link in this field. This could be a relative link (such as basket.html) or an absolute link (such as

Target – Please specify “_blank” if you wish to open the footer link Menu URL in a new window.

OnClick Event – You can use JavaScript code to define the on-click event for the footer link using this field.

Clicking on the “Add” button adds the Footer Link to the website and takes you to the listing page which shows all available Footer Links. You can edit/delete any Footer Link by clicking on the “Edit” link beside it.



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