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Custom Pages

Similar to the custom blocks, these are custom pages that can be used throughout the website.
For example: a shipping information page or a page to display your privacy policy.

To create a custom page, go to the CMS -- Custom Pages section then click on the “New Page” button at the bottom of the Web Pages table.
The following fields are available in this section:

Allow access to this page – Ticking this tick box makes this page available on the website. If this box is not ticked, the page will not show on the website.

General Page Information

Page Code – This code is used to call the page. For example, if this field is filled in with a value called “Shipping”, then the URL that needs to be called in order to access this page would be –
(Please note you can also call the page by its SEO-friendly URL – see below).

Page Title – This is the title of the page and is displayed on the website (Examples: Shipping Information; Terms & Conditions; etc.)

Friendly URL – Here you can enter an SEO-friendly URL (e.g.: LG_Phone).

Page Order – This defines the position of the page if more than one custom page is used on any block.

Page Types

Window Type – You have 2 options here: 1 – Usual Window: when a link is used to call this page, it opens in the same window. 2 – Popup Window: This opens the page in a pop-up window.

Page Sources

Redirect to URL – Here you can specify a path or URL that you would like to redirect the page to. If someone tries to access this page they will be redirected to the URL entered here. Example:
(Please note: Entering a value into this field will override any content entered in the Page Body field).

Get Body From File – This can be the name of a file within the website from which you wish to feed content into this page.
(Example: shippinginfo.htm, privacy_policy.txt).

Page Body – This field is where you enter the content of the custom page. HTML text is allowed in this field (when in “Source” view). You can also use the WYSIWYG editor to format text.

SEO/Meta Data

Page Title – This shows on the title bar of your browser.

Meta Keywords – These appear in the “Meta Keywords” section of the page. Comma separated values should be entered here, for example: Sony televisions, flat TV, HD Ready, Plasma Screen.

Meta Description – This appears in the “Meta Description” section of the page. Short sentences can be entered here, for example: We offer a wide range of Sony Flat Panel Televisions.

After entering the details click on “Add New” button. The page will be added into the website and you will be taken to the listing page in the Admin where you can see the list of all custom pages added. You can edit/delete a custom page by clicking on the “Edit Page” link against that particular page.



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