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Competitor Analysis

Understanding and evaluating your competitors is an important part of optimisation and we're able to use in-house tools to evaluate the content, structure and link profile of a website in order to formulate a strategy that will deliver improvements and results for our clients.

This process includes evaluating the strengths and weakness of a website as well as looking for the opportunities to make improvements that will lead to improved visibility and increase the number of visitors.

An important part of search engine optimisation is link building. Search engines use the quality and quantity of backlinks that a website has as one of the primary factors for determining where a website should be ranked in the natural search results. Search engines place a great amount of weighting on this factor when assessing a site's authority and without the adequate presence of in-bound links search engines will fail to rank a site appropriately.

When we analyse backlinks to a website and competitor's sites we examine the number and quality of links that each competitors has, together with the rate at which they are acquiring links. We're also able to assess how a site's SEO campaign is structured and which search terms or keywords they are targeting.

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