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Amazon Integration

Amazon is one of the world's biggest shopping communities and the Amazon Marketplace enables retailers to sell their products direct to customers.

SayuConnect can help you become part of that community allowing you to sell your products direct to an untapped customer base.

Automated Price & Stock Level Updates

Our inventory module can send price and stock level updates once every 15 minutes keeping your catalogue up-to-date on Amazon.

Full API Integration

Our system integrates with Amazon Marketplace via API. The system automatically lists new products, keeps stock levels in sync, imports orders and sends orders status changes back to Amazon.

Centralised Admin System

The centralised admin system provides complete control giving you the ability to import products and change price/stock-levels. The order management module allows you to view/export/update orders efficiently.

Automated Daily Product Listings

Our products import module can be set to run daily or on-demand giving you more control to list products on Amazon as needed.

Duplicate Product Management

Our integration module has the built-in ability to interrupt and correct duplicate product matches returned by Amazon.

Advanced Product Pricing Options

Our system gives you the ability to add individual product prices or globally add parameters to alter the RRP in your catalogue making price changes fast and efficient.

Web portfolio

Our graphics team will work with you to produce eye-catching designs; providing a distinct look that sets you apart from your competitors.

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