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Add Category

To add a new category, click on Catalogue -- Products & Categories in the top menu, then click on the “Add Category” link in the Categories block on the left.

The fields available in the “Add Category” section are explained below:

Show on Site – Ticking this tick-box shows the category on the website.

Main Category Information

Category Order – You can enter a number here to determine the position of the category on the website (note that there is an easier way of changing the order of categories which is explained in the Changing Category Order section later it this guide).

Category Name – This is the name of the category. A category name can help users to identify a selection of products.

Parent Category – This is where you can assign a parent category, which means that the new category will be a sub-category of the parent category. Setting this to “[Top]” means the new category will be a top-level category.

Friendly URL – This is the SEO friendly URL. By default, the system generates the friendly URL from the category name (spaces are replaced with underscores). The friendly URL can be changed manually if required by entering it here (note: special characters and spaces should not be used in this field).

Content / Images

Short Description – This is normally shown on the category listing block. Usually this needs to be restricted to a short sentence or strap-line.

Long Description – This can be shown as introductory text on the product category page.

List Image – This image can be shown in the category listing block or in the main site navigation.

Large Image – This will be shown in the category intro block on the top of the product listing page.

List Image Alt and Large Image Alt – The text entered here will show up as the ALT tag on the image.

SEO / Meta Data

Canonical Tag – The canonical tag can be set in this field (according to Google recommendations for SEO, canonical tags can be used to eliminate duplicate pages created by the system due to various reasons, for example the use of query strings at the end of actual URLs). The Friendly URL of the category must be used as the Canonical Tag.

Page Title – This shows on the title bar of your browser. If left blank, the category name will be used as the page title by default.

Meta Keywords – These appear in the “Meta Keywords” section of the page. Comma separated values should be entered here, for example: Sony televisions, flat TV, HD Ready, Plasma Screen.

Meta Description – This appears in the “Meta Description” section of the page. Short sentences can be entered here, for example: We offer a wide range of Sony Flat Panel Televisions.

General Settings

Show Products from Sub-Categories – By ticking this box, all products that are available in sub-categories of this category will also be shown in this category.

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