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Single Order Maintenance - View/Edit

Order maintenance can also be done on a single order basis by using the View/Edit link available against each order.

View/Edit section:

1 – Shows previous order history for that customer.

2 – Shows shopping basket details of the customer. Details include Products, Pricing, Quantity, Shipping Method and Costs, Tax Total and Total Order Cost.

3 – Shows the status of the order. (For successful transactions, this will be set to ‘Paid’ or ‘Paid by Paypal’. For failed transactions, this will be set to Failed). This is the status of the complete order and can be updated by choosing any other status from the drop-down list and then clicking on the ‘Update’ button available below the ‘Shipping Tracking Number’ field (6).

4 – This section provides links to generate Packing slips for the order (both in PDF and HTML format), a link to order notes (this is where the Admin can add extra notes on the order for internal reference) and a link to delete the order.
Note: Orders deleted using the delete link cannot be recovered so this option must be used with caution.

5 – This is the status available against individual products and can be used in part-shipment of the order. So if an order has more than one product, and the order is part-shipped, then you can update the status of the product that has shipped and leave the products not shipped on the default status. To change the status on a product that has shipped, select a different status using the drop-down below the Product Name and then click on the ‘Update’ button below the ‘Shipping Tracking Number’ field (6).

6 – This block shows the Payment Gateway used and Transaction Number provided by the Payment Gateway on the left-hand side and ‘Shipping Tracking Number’ field and ‘Update’ button to the right.
The ‘Shipping Tracking Number’ field can be used to enter and save a postal tracking number for the order. The ‘Update’ button performs an update on the whole order. Use the ‘Update’ button when you change the status of the order/individual products and assign a shipping tracking number to the order

7 – The personal details block shows the Invoice and Delivery address details of the order.
Note: Clicking on the Email Address of the customer will take you to a section where you can send a quick email about the order status.

8 – EDIT: Using these links, you can edit the Invoice/Delivery address details of the order.

9 – Order Change Log: This block lists all the changes made to the order, both by the system (when a transaction is processed) or by the Admin user.



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