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Click Fraud Prevention

Are your competitors clicking on your ads?

Click fraud has become one of the hottest topics in pay per click advertising in recent years. Industry figures on the scale of the problem vary widely - Google claims that only 0.02% of clicks are invalid, but some studies quote up to 40%. The actual number is probably somewhere between the two, but if you advertise on any pay per click channel then you are almost certainly losing money because competitors and content site owners are clicking on your ads with no intention to buy.

As pay per click becomes more and more competitive, it doesn't matter how big or small this problem is, you want to squeeze every penny you can from your keywords. How can you deter malicious clickers from damaging your ROI?

Introducing Sayu Defender

Sayu Defender is a very simple but effective tool to combat click fraud. It monitors visitors to your site day in and day out, and if one particular visitor is clicking on one or more paid adverts regularly to get to your site, it displays a message asking them to bookmark the site and telling them that their IP has been logged. This simple message is enough to:

  1. Stop competitors clicking on your ads
  2. Help genuine customers get to your site in a way that saves you money

Click on the screenshot below to see an example of how the click fraud system looks on this page.

Sayu's Click Defender Click Fraud Solution

Sayu Defender Is FREE!

Sayu Defender is free for all customers of Sayu's pay per click management service. If you are an existing customer that has Sayu's conversion tracking installed on your site then you just need to ask your account manager to switch it on. If you do not have Sayu's conversion tracking code installed, then please get in touch - it is a simple 4 lines of JavaScript that does all of the work for you.

If you are not an existing customer then please give us a call - our team will be delighted to talk to you about the best solution for your business.