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Accessibility allows more people to buy your products
Accessibility allows more people to buy your products

Over the last few decades the Internet has gone from a large network with a relatively small and niche user base, to a global phenomenon that touches the lives of everyone. Internet addresses are shown in adverts, posters, brochures and on television, and the web has added convenience to every part of our daily existence - even down to doing the grocery shopping.

Unfortunately a significant part of society has often been shut out from this revolution. Disabled people, especially those with visual or motor difficulties, can find it impossible to use many websites because they cannot use the navigation or read the text on the screen. There are many solutions that have been developed to help those users work around this, but the designs of many websites often do not support these tools.

Since the introduction of the 1999 Disability Discrimination Act, the UK government has been making steps towards redressing this imbalance, and forcing companies to ensure that their sites are accessible for everyone. Sites that do not comply with this regulation (approximately 80% of websites) are potentially at threat from legal action. We are offering you our services to help you comply with this legislation.

Making a site accessible does not just have to be about complying with the law - a site that can be used by everyone means your services are available to more people, and also often means that your site is more accessible to search engine spiders, potentially improving your rankings in the search engines.

Sayu Ltd is your best practice partner for resolving accessibility issues. Our team of richly skilled in-house specialists will work very closely with you and offer you jargon-free solutions that are always realistic. We view our relationship with you as long term, so all of our recommendations are actionable and in your best interest. Our accessibility report is a plain English, tailor-made report that will advise you on the following aspects of your site:

  • Standard browser accessibility - built into many web browsers are basic tools that make your site more useable for those with visual, audio or motor disabilities. We will make sure that users of your site can make use of these features.
  • Screen readers and magnifiers - a number of commercial products are available to help disabled people use the web. These include screen readers that let users use the web through audio, and screen magnifiers. We will try your website with these tools to ensure that your customers are able to use them.
  • HTML, CSS and Javascript - some websites are let down not by bad design, but because the code on their pages does not conform with the best practice set out by the Web Standards Commision's (W3C), and therefore can't be read by disability applications. We will validate your pages to make sure that they meet these guidelines.

We will provide you with a comprehensive report on these factors, breaking it down into each individual detail, and letting you know which changes are part of your legal requirement, and which are there to help your users get the most from your site.

We can also optionally implement these recommendations on your site for you, for an extra development charge. In this case 100% of the report price will be offset from the cost of the development work.

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