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The Heady Numbers Associated with James Bond Films Leaves Social Media Shaken AND Stirred

This luxury watch dealer created a buzz on social media reaching out to thousands of users on social media

Key Results

8300+ Social Media Reach


Organic Clicks Since Publication


Social Media Impression

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What We Set Out To Do

Our client sells a range of high quality watches from the worlds leading brands.

Our objective was to strengthen their image as a quality, high end supplier.

How We Did It

The article required extensive research to gather facts and statistics relating to box office receipts, actors earnings and innovative user interactive survey.

The result is a piece that has been well received by social media fans having been shared and viewed many thousands of times. It has attracted organic backlinks and many organic clicks since publication.

It is a feature that stands the test of time and will continue to align our clients brand with a prestigious world wide franchise thereby increasing their credibility in this luxury market.

Good content marketing will help your exposure on social media

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