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Reaching New Heights via Helpful Guides

How this UK manufacturer is achieving 5000+ organic views and improved rankings for hundreds of keywords

Key Results

Attracted +1700 Organic Users Since Publication


Organic Impressions Every Month


Ranks Organically for 600+ Keywords

Creating Great Content to Attract Users and clicks
How engaging Content can be used in Marketing your website

What We Set Out To Do

Our client operates a well known and respected business in a utilitarian sector of the market manufacturing ladders and stepladders.

Our goal was to engage professionals with a series of simple but helpful guides that they could refer to as needed. We wanted to use this hook to capture the user in the earliest stages of their buy cycle.

How We Did It

The initial challenge was to identify the target market in an attempt to come up with ideas that might appeal to them. Working with the client and in-house tools we came up with a series of topics that would meet our criteria of being long lasting and interesting.

After establishing the content needs our in-house and external team of copywriters set out the article.

The piece has been and continues to be, useful in attracting early stage users at the rate of 280 per month. It also provides information that keeps them on the site, garnering aound 5,000 impressions every month. In addition, the feature now ranks for around 600 keyword phrases ensuring a continuous stream of visitors to the website over the long term.

Useful Guides can attract visitors and backlinks to your website

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