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How this boutique store gets 3000+ organic clicks every month and 45+ backlinks

Key Results

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Organic Clicks Every Month

Content Marketing helps UK boutique store grow
Using Content Marketing to get backlinks, users and clicks

What We Set Out To Do

Our client operates in the highly competitive fashion domain marketing well known brands to Millenials and Alpha generations. Standing out in such a crowded sector is challenging. We wanted to create a series of articles that would attract the attention of the target users and to differentiate our client from the many others.

How We Did It

We researched which articles were getting attention over time in the space. It was important that the piece was 'evergreen' i.e. it would not fade or age quickly. This would give us time to see rankings increase and user flow to the website grow.

The nature of the subject meant significant research to assemble the basic facts before our in-house and external team of profesional copywriters could work on the project.

We employed an outreach campaign to attract links to the page. The results are a substantial number of quality backlinks and thousands of organic clicks every month. Perhaps more importantly we are able to attract users to the website early in their research and decision making path, establishing our client as a trusted and appealing place to buy from.

We are now embarked upon a whole series based on this topic to help our client pull away from the rest of their competitors

About Content Marketing and growing users and clicks

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