Natural Search Insights Reports


Sayu Insights reports provide you with a benchmark against which you can compare your performance in natural search against the performance of your competitors.

Each report covers a specific segment of natural search in the UK with an estimate of the total amount of searches in that segment. They show which websites are getting the highest visibility and therefore the greatest amount of natural clicks in that sector.

For each segment we show the top most visible websites making it easy for you to check which of your competitors appear above and below you.

How to Get Your Report
You can either browse through the list of reports and select which one you want to download or you can use the search facility to narrow your search by keyword(s) contained in the report or by domains mentioned in the report.

Once you've found the report you want, click on the download button.

Enter a domain name that you'd like to analyse into the 'Target Domain' field.

When entering your chosen domain please do not add the www. or http:// prefix - e.g. enter not or

Our autosuggest feature will help find and choose a domain. For extra help click on HELP below.

Enter your name and email address and click on "Create My Report". A few minutes later your report will arrive in your inbox.

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